Outdoors at Little Friends

Little Friends nursery is situated within a half acre of grounds of which half is the nursery garden and the other half is the playground.

  • The nursery garden
  • The playground

Our garden area is securely fenced to safeguard children. It is organised into specific areas for use by the babies and preschoolers. Children use the outdoors at specific times to utilise the space and opportunities for each age and stage appropriate group. The preschool children love to dig in the earth bed, grow vegetables and flowers, play on the child size hills, bounce balls in their parachute, have stories on the logs, share picnics and participate in sports days.

The playground is a large hard surfaced area which accommodates sit and ride toys, a climbing frame, creative play, ball and hoop play, sand and water play, imaginative play, and quiet reflective areas. Children love to paint the nursery walls with water, create nature scapes with their builders’ tray, make footprint pictures on big sheets of paper, engineer pretend boats and garages with the large outdoor block set and quadro and dress up for the occasion with costumes. Staff and families together ensure children are safe from the sun's rays complying with Little Friends Sun Safe Policy.

Outdoor play is vital to children’s health and development and children love playing out whatever the weather!