Little Friends Toddler 3

Toddler 3 is for children aged between 2 and 3 years. They follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and the High Scope approach to learning, encouraging each child to be independent and confident.

Toddler 3 is usually where potty training may start for your child. Staff will work in partnership with each parent to ensure this is a fun and successful time for everyone. We have enormous experience in providing child care and education for two to three year old toddlers.

Between the ages of two and three years, children understand more about the world around them and they begin to use their developing thought processes in relation to their actions. The committed child care team work diligently to support children’s development of self help skills and growing independence.

Observations, Assessments and Next Steps planning for individual children are continually available to parents via their child's Online Learning Journey. This planning and assessment process ensures children receive a full range of opportunities.

By the end of the Toddler 3 experience the children are ready to make successful transitions into the larger group experience of the preschool Learning Centre.