Healthy eating means healthy minds

We believe that meal times should be relaxed, social, calm and friendly. It is a time when a great deal of learning takes place. Hopefully in this environment children will enjoy meal times, and therefore will be encouraged to eat the healthy balanced diet that is provided for them.

At Little Friends we provide the children with a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. We have a cook on site that prepares all the food for our children. We work very closely with the parents and the children to provide meals that are nutritious, and that they will enjoy.

We encourage the children to sit at the table with their friends and carers using polite table manners and making meal times a pleasurable experience.

Our menus are produced twice a year, reflecting the time of the year, cultural festivals and children’s likes! We also cater for children’s individual food requirements and preferences.

We continually strive to ensure our children have a varied and balanced diet at all meal and snack times.

Autumn/Winter 2017 Menu

Autumn/Winter 2017 Menu