Our Pre School Learning Centre

Little Friends Preschool provides children with a high quality and integrated child care and educational curriculum which meets all Early Years Foundation Stage requirements.

We have a qualified, experienced child care team who provide a positive child centred environment with clear boundaries, routines and activities which supports children’s intrinsic learning.

The High Scope approach to learning which provides individual access to all resources ensures children benefit from the enriched environment and ‘can do’ culture where children are appropriately supported to plan, do and review activities of their choice. Children benefit from the child centred culture to make purposeful and considered decisions for themselves as well as develop skills for contributing positively and effectively in groups.

The staff plan activities for individuals, small groups and large groups of children building on what the children are interested in and already know. This is done through skilled observation and interaction with the children in their key worker groups.

Observations, Assessments and Next Steps planning for individual children are continually available to parents via their child's Online Learning Journey. This planning and assessment process ensures children receive a full range of opportunities and are prepared for formal education upon graduation from Little Friends.