Ensuring Quality the Little Friends Way

It is Little Friends Way to provide separate rooms for children in each stage of their development. Our baby room caters for babies up to 12 months, Toddler 1 for children aged 12-18 months, Toddler 2 for children aged 18-24 months, Toddler 3 for 2-3 year olds, and our 3-5 year old preschoolers are in our Learning Centre. 

Each child is grouped by age and stage with caring, qualified teams of staff who are practiced in forming sound first relationships. Feeling secure to explore the wide variety of activities and resources in our spacious and stimulating environment, the children are eager to benefit from their Early Years experiences.

  • Key Workers
  • Environment
  • Time and Opportunity

All children are consistently cared for by experienced key workers who relate to children unconditionally to meet their individual needs. Children are cared for in a positive and supportive environment. We ensure that all children have the level of attention and support they need.

Space is vital for each child to be able to explore their own ever increasing world within groups of other children. There is ample personal space for each child, allowing for a wide range of large physical group activities e.g. Stretch and Grow, as well as focused individual activities.

Time is given in ample supply to each child to acquire new skills, consider choices and make their own decisions. Children are given the time to be well motivated and positive as they work and play. The wide variety of resources accessible to the children and quality of interaction with staff  makes a day at Little Friends much more than day care.