The Little Friends Way

From birth and at each stage of development, children are persistent in their pursuit of knowledge.  It is our commitment at Little Friends day nursery to expertly guide our children through the stages of play, which continuously promote their learning and understanding of life.

We accomplish this objective by offering calm, nurturing and effective encouragement, providing positive experiences for children to develop at their own pace. Even from their earliest days we purposely engage children with well-established programmes of learning to develop skills that will prepare them for tomorrow.  Little Friends offers children the combination of space, time and opportunity, which is essential to optimise this learning. 

Children of all ages are offered a rich variety of individual and group activities to support their natural development.  We take great pride in providing an environment which nurtures learning for every child, every parent and every staff member - every day!

If you like our philosophy then we are confident your child will like to be a ‘Little Friend’.